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Organic Millet Hull Pillows

Adjustable Pillows

Why an organic millet hull pillow from Swisspillows?
Swisspillows was created with the hopes of sharing the wonderful sleeping experience that I was brought up with in Switzerland. As a child, I grew up watching my parents making pillows, who own BettenThaler, a widely known bedding specialty store based in Lucerne. I've had a passion for it ever since. I hand make every single organic millet hull pillow and use the highest quality materials when making them. I can say with confidence that I put all my love and energy into each and every one.

What is the difference between millet hull pillows and buckwheat pillows?
The major difference is in the feel of the pillow: Millet hulls are very smooth, allowing for a form fit during movement without mimimal sound. Buckwheat hulls have a coarser texture and tend to "rustle" more with movement.

Can I heat a millet hull pillow?
NO, it is not recommended to heat a millet hull pillow.

How can I clean the pillow?
Periodically refresh your pillow in sunlight and fresh air and when necessary. You can also wash the casing just remove the hulls from the casing by pouring them into a plastic bag/container - wash the casing and put the hulls back in once the casing is completely dry.

What makes a Swisspillow better than a traditional pillow?
Millet hull pillows mold to the contours of your head, neck and shoulders while traditional pillows are less accommodating to ndividual needs for support. Sleeping with a millet hull pillow elevates your head for proper alignment, and cradles both your head and neck with steady, gentle support. They can help alleviate stiff neck, shoulder pain, back pain, restlessness, headache, migraine, joint pain, cervical problems, insomnia and sometimes even snoring. Organic millet hull pillows are hypoallergenic while traditional pillows have the tendency to harbor allergy causing organisms after years of use.

Why use a millet hull pillow with lavender?
Since many people enjoy the the aroma-therapeutic properties of lavender, we've combined the wonderful form fitting properties of the millet hulls with the calming scent of lavender. We believe that this combination can truly create a relaxing sleeping experience that is second to none!

Are Swisspillows returnable?
Unfortunately due to hygienic reasons, our pillows are nonreturnable. However, defective pillows will be replaced free of charge. If there is too much millet in your pillow just take some out and if you feel you need more filling just order some extra millet to make the perfect pillow for your needs.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is already included in the price.

Can I adjust the filling?
Yes our pillows are made with a zipper and you will get some extra millet with every order to adjust the pillow to your needs.

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